Founded in 2015, Telemedicine Magazine is a print and digital magazine covering the telemedicine, digital health and virtual care markets. The print publication is distributed quarterly to an audience of approximately 30,000 readers, comprised of physicians and C suite tech leaders within the healthcare space. Content ranges from deep dives in sub-specialty care to technology reviews to essays from telemedicine opinion leaders.

Readers look to Telemedicine to help them sift through the 24/7 news cycle of press releases and gadget updates. We not only tell our readers what is coming next, but what it might mean for healthcare as a whole.

Our partners look to Telemedicine to help them educate boots-on-the-ground physicians and tech leaders about new advances in the field. For too long medical innovation has been a top-down exercise, with new apps and software handed down to the medical community from tech companies. Telemedicine brings practicing physicians into the conversation and helps them become physician advocates for the kinds of advances that will make healthcare better, faster and cheaper in years to come.

Telemedicine was founded by Logan Plaster and Mark Plaster, MD, in 2015 and is published by M. L. Plaster Publishing Co. LLC, in Baltimore, Maryland.