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Three New Products Reshaping Healthcare.

Innovator Health created Rounder (pictured above) to improve telehealth by moving from impersonal laptopbased consults to more life-like consultations. By using a combination of improved graphics, direct eye-contact technology, and a 3D video platform, Rounder helps patients forget about the hardware. The HIPAA-compliant conferencing technology can also operate on a 4G network instead of a high bandwidth connection.

Combining spinal imaging and needle guidance in a handheld device, IntuiTap eliminates the guesswork, frustration, and pain of lumbar punctures. It uses pressure mapping to help find vertebral landmarks and identify the best insertion site, reducing both procedure time and number of attempts. It also measures opening pressure.






In addition to pioneering the use of drones to deliver medications and blood products, Maryland-based ER doctor Jeremy Tucker has also figured out a way to make deliveries more secure. Using cellular and Bluetooth technology, his AirBox accepts and secures drone deliveries, and because it is solar powered, it can be used in remote and developing locations, potentially assisting in both pre-hospital care and disaster relief.


Dr. Dayton is an emergency physician, educator, and entrepreneur. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, President of Utah ACEP, and Chair-Elect for the Freestanding Emergency Center Section of ACEP. John writes about health technology is the Founder of

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