Sure signs of progress could be seen at the three 2016 TRC event stops on our first national tour. The CTN’s Summit in San Diego, the SWTRC’s provider showcase in Phoenix, and SCTRC’s Nashville forum all just about doubled in attendance this year. These organizations continue to be at the forefront of telehealth awareness, creating hubs for dialogue on change. Look for video interviews from these shows on our website, Keep up the good work, TRCs!


In a world of software services and algorithm-driven applications, a few companies stand out as truly inventing the hardware that will redefine healthcare. In addition to the challenges of server space and flat UX design, these companies iron out the complexities of supply chain, custom factory build-outs and material shortages.


As we continue our wired home series, we shift our focus to a critical area in any home, the kitchen! Smart kitchen devices are now commonplace in the internet of healthy things, with a whole host of connected accessories and appliances available. Here’s a rundown of tech advances that will help keep consumers healthier longer.

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