New App Hopes to Bring Fertility Out of the Shadows

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As many as one in seven couples struggles with infertility, yet so often they struggle alone, feeling the topic is taboo or not appropriate for conversation. Jennifer Aldoretta (pictured), co-founder and CEO of Groove, hopes that her new mobile app can help bring these conversations into the light by providing high tech menstruation and fertility tracking.

I think specifically women’s health and women’s reproductive health is very much a taboo topic. Maybe not necessarily taboo but it’s just something that not a lot of people are not comfortable talking about. I think that that’s a big problem because there are so many couples who struggle with infertility. Between one in ten and one in seven couples will struggle with infertility, which is a huge issue.

I think we just need to have more of a conversation around women’s needs in general. Women’s bodies are very different. So the apps for women are going to look very different than the apps for men. Not necessarily from a design standpoint. But I think that women need to be very involved in the creation of these things; so that the apps are created with sensitivity and just from a place of a really deep understanding of the problem that’s being solved. That’s obviously not to say that a man can’t come in and work on this problem. But I think that having a very diverse team working on something is really important; so that you get input from people of all backgrounds, all experiences.

I am the cofounder and CEO of a company called Groove. We built a period and fertility tracker. But our big focus and our big mission is education because there are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to reproductive health education and sex education. So, we’re trying to tackle those.

So, our app is loaded with information about the female reproductive system and about menstruation and things that we feel are very lacking from the current sex education system. Part of the reason that women lack that confidence is because at a very deep level women are taught not to trust their bodies and that their bodies are mysterious. They just don’t have an understanding of what’s going on. I think that that affects women in their confidence and in their lives. So, we’re trying to overcome that and just teach women what’s going on in their bodies; give them that confidence that we’ve seen in people that use our app and use our products that will carry over into other areas of their lives and give them more confidence just in general.

The Groove website is host to a library of information about womens health, educational material and guides on topics from cycle tracking to fertility tracking and hormone levels.  It is all accessible via smartphone, which in may parts of the world is the only way people can access the internet.  The app is available for both iOS and Android.


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