Startup CEO Exploring Future of Drone Data and Delivery Services

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From time to time, I will interview a drone industry expert who is changing the landscape in healthcare using UAV technology. This month, I have Helena Samsioe, founder and CEO of GLOBHE, a drone company in Sweden.

They are delivering healthcare supplies as well as offering a service called identifAI, which provides data and insights from drone pictures that can provide valuable intelligence during humanitarian crisis. Currently, in collaboration with the United Nations, GLOBHE is transforming the way cutting edge technology is solving pressing challenges around the world.

How did your interest in drones begin?
I’ve been flying drones for filming and photography as a hobby for several years, but three years ago I saw an opportunity to combine my hobby of drone flying with my current work, which was using information and communication technology in humanitarian assistance globally.

How has GLOBHE used UAV technology to improve someone’s health?
Today GLOBHE is working with international organizations, companies and governments globally to improve medical cargo deliveries to last mile areas and improve mapping post natural disasters to assist response teams on the ground.

What project are you working on now?
We have spent a lot of time working in Malawi in the newly established humanitarian drone testing corridor where we are developing our drone delivery on demand service and drone data on demand service further together with the Malawi Government and the UN.

What is your biggest challenge?
Regulatory frameworks remain our biggest challenge, but it’s becoming better!

Where do you see this industry in 10 years?
Almost impossible to predict — so much will have happened, but I primarily see a more widespread use of cargo drones not just as isolated test cases and the drone market will be even bigger and value added in terms of sensors and AI.

Helena is the CEO and Founder of GLOBHE, a startup using drones and AI to create a better, more informed future. Helena is a firm believer that the future of possible is already here and passionate about using innovative technology to show it.

In 2017 Helena was ranked among the top 100 young business leaders in Sweden, won the pitch competition Female Founder of the Year by Di Digital, named a Top Woman to Watch in the Drone Industry, won Rivstart the prestigious innovation competition by Swedbank, and was featured as the “Drone Queen” on BBC.


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    Interesting article. It’s great to see “real-world” application of drones – especially in challenging areas where others can truly benefit.

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